Airdrop United is a special community for Airdrop hunters. We are not working individually in this community, particularly when seeking for referral. We work in team, which is expected to be very powerful and tough in the future.

Airdrop United utility token is NEP-5 built on the NEO blockchain, one of the most advanced smart contract-enabled blockchains in existence.

Here, we share information on the latest Airdrops as well as existing Airdrops that are still active. We will also share information and tips around Airdrop scams to help the members take preventive actions. With information update, you can stay informed about the upcoming airdrops, as well as the qualifying criteria for you to participate in the program. In addition, we will also launch a great program called Airdrop United Giveway. We will release the program after the Airdrop promotion events are over. Nonetheless, before discussing more about the Giveaway program, we would like to refresh your mind on what Airdrop is. Airdrops are defined as the process used by the cryptocurrency enterprises to distribute tokens to the wallets of users freely. The Airdrops allow the Wallet owners to boost their cryptocurrency projects. This is particularly helpful for startups (Newbie). The Airdrops usually come in either of two mechanisms.

Firstly, they may come as a surprise for the loyal customers of the cryptocurrency enterprises. They may come in various ways, such as giving online comments of Crypto community, writing authentic posts on website or forums, giving likes to social media pages, and many more.
Secondly, they may be announced beforehand. Again, the Airdrop hunters need to qualify for the programs. They usually have to complete a number of tasks assigned by the crypto enterprises.





Are you an Airdrop hunter? Or, are you newbie in the Airdrop domain?.
If so, you certain had certain problems in following the Airdrop programs, particularly in seeking for referrals, right? Newcomers even face more problems, thus making it difficult for them to determine where and how to begin.


We have a solution that had not be shared among the Airdrop hunter before, namely, “AIRDROP UNITED GIVEAWAY”. As it is a new unveiled trick, you have more chances to succeed.

How to Participate in Airdrop United Giveaway?

Therefore, when deciding to get into the Airdrop domain, you need to have the following traits :

  1. Patience;
  2. Never-give-up spirit;
  3. Extensive relationship and friendship;
  4. Consistency;
  5. Being active in social media;
  6. And many other traits;

Or, what if you do not meet any criteria at all (Newbie)?
What if you do not meet one of the above-mentioned criteria?
Or, what if you do not meet any criteria at all (Newbie)?

Participating in Airdrop United Giveaway does not require complicated steps. You just need to follow the following steps:

  • 1. Follow us on Website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Channel Telegram, and Telegram Group;
  • 2. Type your wallet address in our daily comment column on the airdrop united YouTube channel;
  • 3. We will choose the WINNERS on random.org live on YouTube. Then, we will announce the results in real time on YouTube channel, Telegram channel,
    Telegram group, Twitter, and Facebook. Then, we will contact you through your social media account;
  • 4. We have prepared some upcoming Airdrops. Then, we will send notification to the winners. They can choose which air drops to share in our social media.
  • 5. We will share Airdrops, which you selected and YOUR REFERRAL LINK , to all of our social media accounts. Then, you just need to wait for the results of Airdrop referrals. It is very profitable. Isn’t it?;
  • 6. The WINNERS will get 50.000 UTD tokens each;
  • 7. All steps in the registration process for AIRDROP UNITED GIVEAWAY are free. No single cost is involved throughout the process;
  • 8. Any individual can participate in the program without any exception, whether you are a Newbie or a Pro;
  • 9. Previous winners cannot participate in the program for one month after the selection.



The Project Reseach.


Website, WhitePaper Release, Airdrop
Bounty & Token Programs.


First Exchange.


Airdrop United Giveaway Release.


UTD Wallet App for Android.


UTD Wallet App for IOS.


Research middleman exchange feature.


Release middleman exchange feature on UTD Wallet app.



March 2018
The Project Reseach
September 2018
Website,WhitePaper Release, Airdrop, Bounty & Token Programs
December 2018
First Exchange
Q1 2019
Airdrop United Giveaway Release
Q2 2019
UTD Wallet App for Android
Q3 2019
UTD Wallet App for IOS
Q4 2019
Research middleman exchange feature
Q1 2020
Release middleman exchange feature on UTD Wallet Apps


Coin Image
  • Name : Airdrop United
  • Symbol : UTD
  • Decimal : 8
  • Platfrom : NEO
  • Type : NEP5
  • Total Supply : 5,000,000,000 (5 Billion)

Token Distribution


Fund Allocation



Smart contracts are instruments that record data and store blocks of information on the blockchain. Because more and more companies are trying to store data on the blockchain, speed is a problem. But a revolutionary platform like NEO is avoid problems by allowing 10,000 transactions in one second - all without transaction fees. This is important the reason that we chose to build UTD Token on the NEO platform as opposed to competing platforms like Ethereum, stellar and waves.

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